Julia Houghton Duffee
Julia Houghton-Duffee

Buyers-What are the costs of buying?

What Fees and Costs Can you Expect?

Use the following guide to estimate the costs you may incur in the purchase of your home.

Earnest Money (deposit made with your offer, amount varies)              $_______________

Down Payment (purchase price less mortgage amount,

less earnest money deposit)                                                                           $_______________

Structural Inspection (varies, generally $350-$500)                               $_______________

 Radon Test additional  (varies, $75-$150)                                                 $_______________

Attorney Fee (varies, $500-$800 check with your attorney)                 $_______________

Recording Fees (usually around $150)                                                       $_______________

Equalization Form (county clerk, usually $75)                                         $_______________

Tax Adjustment (depends on the closing date.

Ask your loan officer to help you estimate. )                                            $_______________

Homeowners Insurance (most banks will require the first

years premium to be paid prior to closing.  Check with your

insurance agent for an estimate)                                                               $  ______________

Mortgage Closing Costs   (all banks vary with closing costs.

When you     visit you loan officer to be pre-qualified, be sure

to ask for a estimate of closing costs):                                                    $_______________

     *Application Fee          *Origination Fee

     *Appraisal Fee             *Credit Report

     *Bank Attorney            *Flood Insurance

     *Title Insurance            *Escrow Account

     *PMI Insurance            *FHA/VA insurance

Miscellaneous Costs                                                                                 $_________________

Total Estimated Expenses                                                                      $_________________