Julia Houghton Duffee
Julia Houghton-Duffee

Service Providers

Over the years, I have amassed a lot of people that I use in the real estate business and my personal life…so here are some that I know personally, or have been referred to me by my trusted friends…

I hope this is of some help to you.  If you know of someone that would be perfect for the list because they are just fabulous at thier job and love it…send me their number and I will get in contact with them.

I try to keep up to date with phone numbers and websites..but they do change, so please forgive me if no longer available…I apoligize in advance…But please do tell me so I can update my records!

and as the lawyer says…here is the pesky disclaimer…

The individuals and companies listed here are providers either familiar to me, or recommended to me by others. I hope to continue to refer them to my friends and clients in the future. Of course, I cannot be held responsible for the service provided, or for any disputes that may arise.