Julia Houghton Duffee
Julia Houghton-Duffee

What are the Costs of Selling?

The Cost of Selling

 Use the following guide to estimate the costs you may incur in the selling of your home.

Deed Stamps  ($6.00 per $1000.00 of sale price)

Abstract Extension  (varies, usually $125-$150)

Survey (est. $550 for Avg size lot)

Attorney Fee (varies, check with your attorney)

Real Estate Professional Fee

Recording Fees (usually around $150)

Wood Infestation Report (if required est $150)

Septic Pumping & Certification (est $400)

Water Bacteria Test (est $25)

Seller Concessions (if required in purchase offer)

Repairs/Improvements prior to listing

Repairs required as a result of structural inspection

Smoke & CO detectors as required by law

Misc expenses

Total Estimated Expenses